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    Body Control Essentials

    • Introduction

    • Simple steps to help you work through effective body control

About the instructor

Scott Keogh

Scott Keogh is a horse breaker and trainer located in Clifton, South East Queensland. Although he is the third generation in his family to train professionally, he is the first to admit that this didn’t come easily. Scott grew up around, and looked up to many of the country's iconic horsemen, and believed reaching their level of progress was unattainable.His earliest memory of breaking a horse is giving youngsters their first rides while his father kept him on a lead from another horse. He can remember the old round yard. Scott was maybe 8 or 9 when he started giving colts their first rides.In his youth Scott asked all the great horsemen lots of question and little by little  he improved as a horseman, but not nearly as fast as he wanted to. The main reason for this was he lacked structure in his program. He was always guessing and to tell the truth it was only the strong work ethic he inherited from my father that was getting him by. After a six year apprenticeship working for his family, being out on his own as a breaker and trainer was a huge challenge and many days finished in frustrations.Looking back, the reason was simple - he was short on knowledge. So what took him from frustration and guessing to being a professional horseman and coach that has a growing business and gets to travel worldwide doing what he loves? The answer is simple - structure and mechanics.And the crazy part is, Scott believes it's quite simple and easy to learn, not the unattainable myth many may be lead to beli

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